Downtown Lynchburg, Virginia Wedding



Hi and welcome to my first blog!!
I kept trying to think of what to say for my first blog and what would also do justice for Brittany and Gary. I’ve decided to share the story that made me realize that I HAD to shoot Brittany’s wedding!

After three years of being together, Gary decided to propose to Brittany on a Friday afternoon at her house. They took Brittany’s dachshund Stella for a walk and Gary had hidden the ring on Stella’s collar without Brittany noticing.

As they started walking, some neighborhood kids got excited when they saw Stella and started yelling to see her.

Just as Brittany spots the ring on Stella’s collar and exlaims “What is this?!” in utter shock, Stella spots a cat…I think you see where this is going. Gary and Brittany watch as her dog takes off with the ring.

I think it all worked out though!

Congratulations, Brittany and Gary! I’m so excited for you both!



And Brittany, I hope you got to take home a lot of leftover food and wine. 🙂

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