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Hey there!! If you’re reading this blog, it probably means you’re expecting a sweet baby soon or know someone important to you that is! What an exciting time for you 🙂 As a mom of two littles, I wanted to create a list of items that proved to be most helpful to myself and to other parents I know. I hope that this proves helpful and exciting to you! It’s also best to start packing your hospital bag around 35 weeks. You never know when baby will arrive!

For the Mom:

Comfortable pajamas
Nursing bras
Your favorite socks and slippers
Clothes that are loose fitting that you feel good in. Seriously, this is a time to dress cozy but in a way that you feel like yourself. (Buttons and snaps are great if breastfeeding!)
Nursing cover (if breastfeeding and wanting it for comfortability)
Nursing bra pads (Cotton ones are the most comfortable)
Scrunchies and hair ties
A blanket or pillow that brings you comfort
Lanolin cream(if breastfeeding. There are also other brands of natural nipple cream you can look into)
Dry shampoo (Shea Moisture is the brand I use)
Your own personal toiletries(Shampoo, conditioner, lavender lotion, toothpaste, deodorant)
Makeup (Bring it if it’s something that you love!)
Diffuser (ASK your hospital about this one because some do not allow diffusing oils in the room. You can definitely bring roll on essentail oils though! Lavender is great for relaxing and Grapefruit can help by lifting up a mood.)
Favorite book (Expect to be interrupted a lot though haha)
A relaxing playlist on Spotify
Phone charger
Laptop to play Netflix, Disney+, Facetime etc.
Laptop charger
Medicine such as Tylenol or Ibuprofen (The hospital will add charges to your bill for any additional medicine you ask for. This will help you save money. But most DEFINITELY make sure to ask the staff about any medicine you should be taking while there!)
And now for the most important thing…..

SNACKS!!!!!! If you’ve think you’ve packed too many snacks, it’s still not enough!

For the Dad:
A card to surprise them with filled with encouragement
Snacks and favorite drinks
Phone charger
Based off of their personality, you can pack a new journal, some essential oil, a card game, etc.
A change of clothes
Their own toiletries
Their own towel
Your written birth plan (This will help him remember what exactly you were wanting for the birth and for him to help advocate on your behalf when needed. This is such a great idea for when you will be busy during a contraction and such!)

For the baby:
White noise app on your phone
Going home outfit
Extra swaddles
A sentimental blanket
Car seat
Extra bodysuits if you would like(The hospital does provide them for you!)
The hospital does provide formula but feel free to bring your own brand with bottles, a bottle scrub brush, a drying mat, and some dish soap.

With all of this being said, I’d like to add a bit of advice. If you want to lounge in sweatpants and watch Netflix after baby is born, do it! If you want to jump in the shower uninterupted and do your makeup, no shame! You do what you need to do in order to best adapt to the most magical transition of life you can experience 🙂

If you had a birth plan that completely changed, please do not beat yourself up about it! I’ve had two children and NEITHER of them were born the way I anticipated. You just gave birth to a beautiful baby. You are such a warrior! Give yourself grace and the credit that you deserve. Ask for help when needed and if you start to feel any symptoms of PPA or PPD creeping up on you, please reach out to your provider for help! There is no shame in what you are experiencing along with 1000s of other moms. You are not alone!

If you’ve read all of this, thank you for your time! I hope you don’t forget your hairbrush like I did. Haha!

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